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Please follow the instructions which are given below.

  • In the preamble (before \begin{document}) of your TeX file, please add:

<geshi lang="latex">



  • Add the command \printnomenclature in the body, where you want to print the nomenclature list, possibly before the first section or before the bibliography.
  • Then do the following.
    • Compile your document. Then a file with .nlo extension will be created. In this case YourFilename.nlo will be generated.
    • Then do

<geshi lang="latex">

         makeindex YourFilename.nlo -s -o YourFilename.nls


  • Then compile your document. You can see that the nomenclature is printed at the place where you have given the \printnomenclature command.

The latest version of the nomencl.sty can be downloaded from CTAN.

If you are submitting your manuscript through EES, then the above system will not work. In that case, follow the instruction given below:

  • Create yourfile.nls.
  • Include the content of yourfile.nls in the TeX file.
  • A sample yourfile.nls will look like as given in the below example. So paste this content in the TeX file.

<geshi lang="latex"> \begin{thenomenclature}

 \item [{$A$}]\begingroup investigate the\nomeqref {0}\nompageref{1}
 \item [{$N$}]\begingroup investigate the\nomeqref {0}\nompageref{1}
 \item [{$Z$}]\begingroup investigate the\nomeqref {0}\nompageref{1}

\end{thenomenclature} </geshi>