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Release Notes

Version 2.1

  • Many Astronomical journal abbreviations are added on March 11, 2013 in model2-names.bst as per the request from Jose Stoop.

Version 2.0

  • Provision to include URL, DOI, arXiv eprints and pubmed fields are added.
  • A new bibtype webpage is added.
  • The prefixes of URL, DOI and pubmed ids are added as TEX control sequences. Hence user can control it through TEX file and no need to change the .bst. For example, the defaul URL prefix is URL: . But user can change it to whatever he wants in the following way:

<geshi lang="latex">

\def\URLprefix{Available online at: }

</geshi> The rest of the prefixes are given below: <geshi lang="latex">



  • Collaboration added.
  • elsarticle-num.bst is deprecated since elsarticle-num-names.bst can be used for the same purpose.

Version 1.0